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by Elaine Robinson, AAUG member
Reviewed 05/2005

Andromeda Cutline filter is an Adobe Photoshop compatible plugin filter to apply engraved and woodcut effects to all or selected portions of a continuous tone grayscale photo or illustrations with gradient blends or line art. Four different screens are included. It also includes a screening tool called a Stamper for setting the position, curvature and angle of the elliptical line screens.

What a fun filter! You can create woodcut effects right out of the box or read the included 44-page .pdf manual to fine tune the effect. I created the elephant graphic without even looking at the manual saving it with a 25% transparency! Afterwards, I printed the manual 2 up, or 2 pages per sheet to have it handy and not have to read it on the screen. It is quite easy to learn the basics and experiment for different effects.

The Andromeda Cutline filter is Mac OS X/9.x compatible and is stored in your Photoshop plugin folder. Installation is incredibly easy. Chose Install from the CD and the installer searches your computer for Photoshop. When asked, it installs the filter automatically in your Photoshop plugin folder. It is also supported by other graphic host programs. Restart Photoshop after installation and you will find it under Filters/Andromeda/Cutline. Also on the CD are folders of art and movie galleries, examples and tutorials.


I tried a tutorial that created a portrait into high contrast cutlining. I used one of my 300 dpi b/w stock images of the workman. You could use a color photograph and turn it into grayscale mode or use a color photo for other interesting effects. I experimented in Photoshop using the Brightness/Contrast from the Adjust menu raising both significantly. I chose Cutline from the filter menu and selected the tonal range to Highlights and 35 LPI (lines per inch) and selected the wavy elliptical cutline.

Graphic artists could create interesting illustrations for magazine articles or flyers. Web designers might use it for creating page backgrounds or to make creative photo montages. You can do so much with this plugin and I couldn't explain it all here. Please take a look at some of the different effects you can create at www.andromeda.com and choose "Cutline Filter" under the Photoshop Plugins on the left of the screen. You can also download a Demo of any of Andromeda's products from their Home Page. All considered, I give this product a solid 5 Moose (Terrific!)

I tested this filter on a 1.8 GHz Power PC 17" iMac G5 with 768 MB DDR SDRAM running OS 10.3.9.

Product: Cutline Filter Plugin for Photoshop

Developer: Andromeda Software Inc.

Phone: 800-547-0055

Price: $74

Pros: Creates all sorts of wonderful results.

Cons: The dialog screen was a bit of a learning curve—for me at least!