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by Gary Miller, AAUG member
Reviewed 05/2005

With Tiger's new operating system ( OS 10.4 ), we get the Dashboard's widgets. VelaClock is a neat one that you'll use all the time, I know a pun, but it's right on. It's a World clock that displays local time, daylight hours, moon phase information, and the flag for particular county you're tracking, most helpful.

Like many, I have friends in different parts of the globe, and I wonder sometimes when receiving an email from them, what time it is there, well with VelaClock you not only can see exactly what time it is there, but see how much daylight hours they have, and how the moon is there. Always good for conversations... and when you travel to somewhere, it sure is helpful to know.

You have the option of using either a 12 hour or 24 hour clock, and switch by clicking on the digital time box. You can go up or down the selected group of cities you're following too.

Using a widget is a cinch, just click on the Dashboard icon in your dock, the desktop darkens a bit, revealing your widgets. VelaClock has a bluish background color that's easy on the eyes, cities, their times are clearly shown, with daylight, moon phase, or analogue clock below. That's it. Get one, and their support via email is quick.

Product: VelaClock

Developer: Vela Design Group

Phone: E-mail only

Price: $9.95

Pros: Easy to use world clock, daylight hours, moon phases for many cities.

Cons: New cities need to be added.